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    Our living benefits provider is led by Ron Fredericks CLU. CHS. CFP. EPC.  A leading advisor associated  with Bridgeforce Financial, has over 25 years of experience in Living Benefits.  Ron’s dedication to this product line and specifically Long Term Care is a result of his belief that a sound financial plan begins with a…

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Who Needs Long Term Care?

Most people buy health insurance and insurance for home, car and other property replacement. However, fewer people buy Long-Term Care insurance, either not thinking about it or hoping that their savings will be sufficient to meet any associated expenses. In fact, Long-Term Care can be very expensive and deplete a lifetime of savings within a…

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What is long term care?

Essentially, long-term care insurance provides financial protection should you become unable to care for yourself because of a chronic illness; disability; cognitive impairment, such as dementia; or other age-related conditions preventing you from managing a number of  activities of daily living without assistance. It can cover stays in nursing homes and chronic care facilities or…

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Your Family and Loved Ones

The reality is most of us will require care at some point in our lives. If you’ve ever provided care for a loved one you can appreciate why it’s important to plan for your own health care needs in retirement.  Especially if these needs could include eating, bathing, dressing or even getting out of bed,…

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An Inconvenient Truth

Did you know that your chances of living to 100 years old are better than ever? According to recent research, many Canadians are adopting lifestyles that may allow them to celebrate their 100th birthdays. Looking forward over the next 35 years as baby boomers age, the cost of providing long-term care to Canadian boomers will…

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